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About Us

Too Much of a Good Thing is Wonderful!

-Mae West


4 year old sweet Finnigan from years ago who brought in his change filled piggy bank to purchase the pirate lunch box he had been coveting every since his last visit to use with his mom. Finnegan emptied all of his saved up change on the floor and brought the lunch box he had spotted a week before when was tagging along with his mom in the shop (Finnegan is all graduated from high school now!)

At Artisans, We Hear that a lot. It's true... the book cover of how we present has "really cool gift store" written all over it.  And that cover is a good one. A great one in fact. Gifts. Gifting. Unique and Inspiring Finds. Great greeting cards (Who doesn't LOVE a good card!). Puzzles. Funny Socks. Gorgeous League Jewelry, Pottery, Handbags and More. Baby Gifts. Wildlife photography. Cashmere shawls. Irreverent humor (we love hearing the laughter at some of the sections at Artisans) . Color. So. Much. Color.


Local. Lots of local.


I'll let you in on a little secret though... if you open up that cover and step inside of Artisans to the pages within, that is the real store-y Because the best part of what we get to do isn't about the "things" at all. It's...


Something For Everyone

A Store-y Filled Place

On a Pleasant Street

Amazement. Arts. Color.

Creations. Delight. Fun. Life. Imagination. Inspiration. Meaning. Purpose. Seeds. 


  • Cristine who teaches at the Kearsarge Regional Middle School and is always so enthusiastic about everything we do... she is one of our favorite customer models;

  • Alan who raves about our greeting card selection;

  • Erica who is always coming up with the most gorgeous sterling silver and stone creations (Montana Agate being her most recent favorite);

  • Sue who used to be an aeronautical engineer and retired and now does what she loves... pottery. Including her famous "Chicken Farmer I Still Love You" Mugs;

It's About You. And Us. And community. And creativity. And friendships. And all the light that goes so far beyond that. And how it is all connected together it's about you. And Us. And the story of how gifts and artistry and creativity and community We are about being part of a community and family of memories. Moments. And sometimes... magic.


Jewelry, Apparel & Accessories
Gourmet Foods, Chocolates & Snacks
Layette, Children, Games & Puzzles
Candles, Soaps & Lotions,

Greeting Cards, Stationery, Books & Journals
Handcrafted & Unique Gifts
For The
Home & Garden

Artisan's has been a part of New London's quintessential Main Street community since 1975, and expanded from the front porch of Peter Christian's Tavern into the historic Kidder Building at the corner of Main & Pleasant Streets in 2008.


We are thrilled to continue offering and integrating even more local, more sustainable and green, more laughs, more talent, more diversity, more unique, and more amazingness.

Every single day we are inspired by the artists, guests, and customers who make what we do possible. I am moved and it is my great intrigue and delight to "discover" that within every person I have ever met, there lives an artist. Sometimes a seedling just sprouting, young or young at heart, sometimes seasoned. Sometimes bursting out at the seams; sometimes subtle and quiet.

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