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New London, NH  


Mon-Fri 10-5

Sat 10-4

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Got Pockets?!

Cover Girl Abi is Wearing One of
Our Summer Dresses
Which We Know Are
Vital To Comfort and Practicality... 

And Stylin'!

Earth Friendly Is One of Our Priorities...

How we care for and about one another, and our 'home', from the smallest to the greatest scale, is something I have held dear since I was a little girl.


It's odd that something as small seeming as an ecology coloring book I received when I was five years old would have such an impact, and yet it did. A snapshot in my memory...  Then there was the poetry contest when I was 10 years old about the preservation of farmlands and our water systems. The world around us, from the smallest to the greatest scale, is our 'home.' How we care for and interact within it is integral to its health, and to our's. 

It has felt important in carrying the torch of Artisans that we honor great gifts with an overall theme which is deeply meaningful, and to celebrate the tremendous talents and skills of those who share themselves with us, to showcase quality, color and laughter, and to seek out items that are made with kindness and consideration to those in this one great world

and to one another. 

So as you explore Artisans, you will find locally (NH & USA) made items, as well as items which are fair trade and made with sustainable practices. You will find re-usable water bottles, lunch bags, and market totes. Useful home items to replace throw-away dinner ware, utensils, food wrap, silicon bowl lids, lidded lunch bowls. You will find towels and backpacks made from recycled water bottles. Books like Robert Downey Jr's latest partnership with Thomas Kostigen about Cool Foods, that inform and educate in ways that are fun to read and learn about. 

We welcome your thoughts and recommendations always, particularly those that move what we do into the future in ways that are exemplary of what we strive to create and share with you. Thank you for giving us that opportunity! 

-Marcy Vierzen & All of Us at Artisans

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