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A Gallery of Ladies' Night Photos!

Ladies' Nights Have Been Part of Our Holiday Celebration At Artisan's Since 2011
(Remember 2011... "When You Wish Upon A Star" and "Reindeer Games"?!) 

In Order to Support Safe Community and Business Practices During The COVID Pandemic, And Because of the High Attendance And Amazing Spirit We've Been Supported By (i.e. a HUGE AWESOME CROWD), Artisan's

Made the Decision to Forego Our Ladies' Night Celebrations For 2020 & 2021. We Look Forward To Bringing The Celebrations Back in 2022 And To Continuing To Serve You In Wonderful Ways Every Day. 

Meanwhile, Here is a Fun Gallery of  The Very Reason the Celebration Is Always A Total Blast!  YOU.

Please Contact Us At 603-526-422 If You Would Like To Schedule a

Private Shopping Party With Family, Friends, Coworkers, and More!

Oh What a Night! A Sampling Through The Years!

2019 Living Royal


2019 Living Royal


2018 Ho Ho Ho Down


2018 Ho Ho Ho Down


2018 Ho Ho Ho Down


2017 Tie One On


2016 Plaid Tidings


2015- Tis The Season To Rock Ugly Sweaters




2013- Ladies' Night

Oh These Are Just SOOOO Good!
Ugly & Royal Through the Years

Melissa & Barb 

The Artisan's Annual Duo 

Winningest (Yes, That's a Word!)

Queens of Ladies' Nights 

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We Look For These Two Every Year... Melissa Creates Their Ladies' Night Dress With Her Fabulous Sense of Fun and Creativity. You Can See How They Dress To The Theme (They Stop by or Call Waaaayyyy Ahead of Time so That Melissa Can Begin Collecting, Sewing, and Creating!). Marvelous Melissa and Her Wonderful Mother-In-Law Barb Are the Epitome of Why We Love What We Do. Their Mutual Love and Respect For One Another, Infused With Their Gleeful Sense of Fun and Humor, Is Always Readily Apparent. Their Commitment to Good Laughs, Fabulous Color, Community and Their Devotion to One Another is Clear. Cheers to Two of Our Faves! Stay Tuned For More on Melissa's Delicious Decadent Side Business Too! 

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Back When It All Started in 2011!
From Left to Right: Marcy, Cheryl, Kim, Jen, Stacey, Amy, Kathy, Susan, Hannah & Sally

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Amy Witmer, The Manager at Artisan's, Has Made The Magic Happen Since 2005! This Extraordinary Woman Keeps The Show Running Smoothly Day In and Day Out. I Continue To Be In Incredible Gratitude of Her Tremendous Talents, "Can Do" And Endlessly Positive Attitude, Not To Mention The Many Balls She Juggles. -Marcy V

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