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Now Under Contract!

A Captivating Property

A Rare Find 81.3 Exquisite Acres
Field & Mountain Views
Wonderful Location (Quiet & Central to Amenities)
A Home With Endless Charm & Craftsmanship

84 Nelson Hill Road South, Sutton, New Hampshire
Text or Call 603.748.8788 For More Info
or To Schedule a Showing

Serious Inquiries Only
COMINGSOON-House copy.jpg
COMINGSOON-House copy.jpg

Outside Perspectives

From the Southeast & Northeast
Pictures by Jake Vierzen

Screenshot 2022-06-08 at
Screenshot 2022-06-08 at
Screenshot 2022-06-08 at
Screenshot 2022-06-08 at

Through the Seasons

Front Porch FRAMED w CV&Ollie.jpeg
IMG_3235 2.JPG
Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 8.21.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 8.21.13 PM.png
Thru the Breezeway-Winter and Jeep.jpeg

Our Time Here... And Passing On This Torcb

In 2011, my family and I stumbled upon this property by happenstance... 84 Nelson Hill Road South, abandoned for more than seven years, was breathtakingly beautiful as it stood regally amidst the field at the crest of the hill. Like a quiet queen in a long slumber... waiting to be wakened. I love architecture and the details of fine craftsmanship which provide such character to a home. Everything about this place was magical... its charm and understated elegance a nod to another era.  

And the porches... oh how every house needs a front porch, yes? From there we could sit on Adirondack chairs and watch kids and dogs frolic, or enjoy drinks with neighbors who would become dear friends; we could breathe in the golden sun set over the mountains on the western horizon; listen for thunderstorms rolling in from the sleeping porch out back, and close our eyes to the sound of crickets singing to the night stars. Birds and dragonflies and wildlife was everywhere... and this all has been nothing less than entirely enchanting. For us, and the family, friends, neighbors and community we've been fortunate enough to share it with. 

We collaborated with fine craftsmen who continued the story we felt was important to honor. A crumbling chimney rebuilt, walls taken down to update the electrical and heating systems, moldings labeled, removed, painted

and returned, a kitchen renovated to capitalize on the views, and to resonate with the style of the house... complete with soapstone countertops to match the large original sink in the basement. We added a breezeway and barn, designed by renowned New Hampshire landscape architect, George Matarazzo. And stonewalls and a walkway. We planted hydrangeas and hostas and berry bushes. And sunflowers. The dandelions that opened as the sun crossed the lawn added to the charm of this place. Everything seemed to come to life here... an invitation to the joy of nature and gratitude itself.


We worked to reclaim fields that had become overgrown, and had the chance to raise chickens of various breeds. We sped down sledding hills, grown ups and kids alike laughing hysterically, and we snowshoed on the endless trails with our dogs, leash-less and running free. We trekked and mountain biked and snowmobiled from our driveway... an endless network of trails reaching out from this property and far beyond.

We shared dinner with neighbors, and watched fireflies light up the fields in July. We cozied in as we watched snow fall and blanket the trees and earth outside, sipped hot cocoa with heaping mounds of whipped cream, enjoyed the warmth of fireplaces, and reveled in the coziness of this place. If there is a heaven on

earth, surely it existed right here. We marveled at our good fortune to live in a place that had become so much more than the Sutton Victorian on the hill... this place that had gathered us and others to it became... "home." 


Children and families grow, time moves forward, seasons change.


It is in this place that we welcome you here to explore and discover... for some, this transition might be a transaction. I would prefer to think of it more as a transformation... This is a special place we hope to pass on to those who will enjoy it as we have. The gift of home and land to care for and cherish, to celebrate experiences and memories and times with... and to continue on the story of this place in the ways that call most to you, honoring the torch carried by each one of us before. 

Come visit.... explore... discover. 

This place welcomes you, and so do we.

Warmest, Marcy Vierzen & Family 


Interior Pictures

First Floor
Entry, Bathroom, Kitchen, Dining Room, Central Foyer,
"Cigar Room", Living Room, Sleeping Porch

1 Entry.png
F1-Entry w Cubbies.png
1 Bathroom.png
1 Kitchen 02.png
1 Kitchen 01.png
1 Kitchen 03.png
1 Dining.png
1 Hallway Looking Outside.png
1 Cigar Room.png
1 Hallway 01.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at
1 LR 01.png
1 LR 02.png
1 Porch 02.png
1 Porch 01.png

2nd Floor
Central Stairwell and Hallway, Master Bedroom Suite & Bath, Guest Bedroom, Bath,
Vintage "Service Quarters" with Laundry & "Service Stairwell"

2 Hallway 01.png
2 Master.png
2 Master Bath.png
2 Hallway 02.png
2 Office 02.png
2 Office 01.png
2 Master 02.png
2 Guest.png
2 Butler Bedroom.png
2 Bath Guest.png
2 Butler Bath.png
2 Laundry.png
2 Breezeway.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 6.54_edited.jpg

3rd Floor:
(aka 'The Kids' Floor!')

2 Bedrooms with a Central Bathroom & An Extra Angled Ceiling "Attic Room"
Which Our Kids Used as a "Media/Movie/Game" Room

3 Stairway.png
3 Attic Room.png
3 Bathroom.png
3 Jake Room.png
3 Catherine Room.png

The Floor Plan
Basement and Floors 1, 2 & 3

84 Nelson Hill Rd S, Sutton, NH Basement.jpg
84 Nelson Hill Rd S, Sutton, NH  1st Floor.jpg
84 Nelson Hill Rd S, Sutton, NH  2nd Floor.jpg
84 Nelson Hill Rd S, Sutton, NH 3rd Floor.jpg

Some Articles About This Premier Area

Click on Pics to READ MORE

Article 1 NYT.jpg

Property Maps & Septic Information

Property Lay-Out With Home & Outbuildings

Septic Approval.jpeg

2011 Septic Approval For Operation

Sanitary/Septic System

Nelson Hill Road-SurveyMapMcGlasson copy.jpg
Property Map From A
While Back
Accurate But For
Current Property Owners
Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 7.52.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 8.00.00 PM.png

Disclosures & Additional Information

PropDiscl... Page1 of 4.jpeg

84 Nelson Hill Road South... A History

Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 5.04.17 PM.png
See Below For Driving Distances
The Red Arrow Points to Our Property Location, With Multiple Routes to Drive

Local Area Map

One of the things I LOVE about this home is its central location to EVERYTHING. No traffic, multiple ways to get to every town and village, and NO Traffic Noise!
If I were to draw concentric circles... here is what they would look like:
Within 7-11 Minutes Drive:
Lake Sunapee/Newbury Harbor
Mt. Sunapee (A Vail Epic Ski Mountain)
Wadleigh State Park and Kezar Lake
The Towns of Sutton, Newbury & Bradford
Within 15-20 Minutes Drive:
The Towns of New London, Sunapee & Warner
Colby Sawyer College
New London (Dartmouth) Hospital
Market Basket
New London Inn
Sunapee Harbor & Dinner Cruise Boat
Mt. Kearsarge & Winslow State Park
New London Barn Playhouse
Within 30-45 Minutes Drive:
Concord, NH (NH State Capitol)
Lebanon & Hanover, NH
Claremont, NH
Montshire Children's Museum of Science
Dartmouth College
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Manchester Regional Airport

The White Mountains: 1.5 hours
The Ocean 1.75 hours
Boston 1.75 hours
Logan International Airport 1.75 hours
NYC 5.5 hours
Vermont: 45 mins, Maine: 1.75 hours
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